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Tank Telemetry

Traditional methods of monitoring fuel levels require trained staff to be onsite and available to continually monitor usage and, if the skills are available, the quality of the fuel. Advances in technology now allow for a range of remote monitoring of both quantity and quality of fuel at price points which run from domestic scale through to full industrial installations. Craggs Environmental can install 24/7 fuel monitoring for all types of customer, from small domestic heating oil tanks where the customer is unable to easily read the levels, through to major corporate customers with a large number of tanks across the UK, all of which need constant monitoring to help avoid critical application failure!

Where fuel quality might be an issue, particularly in critical standby power generation applications, monitoring probes can run constant checks on water content and particulate content to ensure both are below acceptable levels. All of these factors can then be monitored remotely in Craggs Environmental’s Fuel Management Centre, which provides 24 hour monitoring, with alarms that can be triggered by a volumes reaching pre-determined limits, a sudden drop which might indicate a leak or theft of the fuel, or increases in water or particulate which require attention.

Installing Craggs Environmental Tank Telemetry means customers have peace of mind that not only will the fuel never run out, but that the fuel will also be of suitable quality for the specific requirement.

In 2017 Craggs Environmental have provided a full telemetry system for a customer with a combined tank farm of over 500,000 litres.

In addition to this the Remote Monitoring Service can also provide regular reporting on usage, which can help planning for optimal levels of stock holding through the year as demands vary.

At the entry level, the cost of these monitors is less than two hundred pounds, including the monitoring service, with larger, more sophisticated monitoring systems available for commercial applications. For further details on any of the above services, please contact the Craggs Environmental Office on 01422 882500.

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