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Tank Decommissioning

Commercially sized fuel tanks, typically fabricated in steel to OFS T200, are normally tough and long-lasting.

However, from time to time they will require a full inspection (based on the manufacturers recommendations) for weaknesses caused by cracks or erosion, usually from rust.

The regularity of these tank inspections depends on the volumes of product being stored and the nature of their specific operation.

For industrial fuel storage tanks, 5 years is the generally accepted inspection period with visual and sonic testing required to ensure that they are not at risk of failing and causing costly environmental issues while also negating insurance policies.

In the event that a fuel tank falls out of warranty, fails a specific tank test or is registered as too much of a risk by a customer (typically both environmentally and commercially) then Craggs Environmental Ltd have the ability to decommission tank storage facilities up to and including COMAH registered infrastructure.

Craggs Environmental Ltd have a rich history of delivering tank decommissioning projects to large public sector customers such as The Ministry of Defence, The Ministry of Justice and large sections of the NHS. As a Crown Commercial Services supplier, Craggs Environmental Ltd have successfully supported public sector customers in utilising the most recent available frameworks; Craggs have the internal expertise and experience to support public sector customers procure and then deliver major tank decommissioning projects.

Craggs Environmental can provide tank services for both metal and plastic tanks which contain red diesel (gas oil), white diesel (derv), kerosene (heating oil), HFO (heavy fuel oil), waste oil, water, solvents, hazardous waste, nitrogen, chlorine and a wide range of chemicals.

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