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University Hospital of Wales

The Client

The University Hospital of Wales (UHW) is a major 1000 bed hospital in the Health district of Cardiff, Wales. UHW is a teaching hospital of Cardiff University School of Medicine and was the first fully integrated hospital and medical school at a cost of £22 million. The hospital is the third largest University Hospital in the UK and the largest hospital in Wales.

The Problem

UHW contacted Craggs Environmental regarding their oil storage tanks, pipework and fuel quality on site. No immediate concerns were raised by the site but the visit was long overdue.

The Findings

Craggs Environmental engineers deployed to the hospital to carry out an inspection of the oil storage facility and test the fuel. On initial inspection the engineers immediately reported that four of the bulk storage tanks on site were in very poor condition; the tanks were heavily corroded, with significant rust spots and appeared to be weeping. Under further inspection, it was clear that the pipework was leaking and should it be put under any kind of pressure or strain it was very likely that this would potentially fail (the risk of a major incident was assessed to be high if there was a failure).

The Solution

The reports taken from the site visit were passed straight over to Craggs Environmental Project Management Team and a project plan was devised for the hospital. This included the immediate installation of a temporary fuel tank to reduce the risk of a significant spill whilst ensuring no loss to power/heat generation.

Following a further meeting with the UHW Trust it was agreed that Craggs Environmental would undertake a refurbishment of the oil storage facility (replacing oil storage tanks, new pipework, civils etc).

Craggs Environmental worked with selected partners to begin the aforementioned work. An order was placed with UK Bunded Fuel Tanks to have 2 x 48,000 litre bespoke fuel tanks made while Reds Group carried out the civils work, decommission & contract lifts.

Upon completion of the tank build, the Project Management team organized specialist equipment such as cranes / low loaders & pipework to be place to support the final installation of the new tanks. This installation was successfully completed with very little impact to the UHW’s operational output (main carpark closed for a short period of time). Once the system was fully connected (pipework/gauges etc) the temporary tank was removed and the site was handed back to UHW.

The Outcome

Craggs Environmental successfully decommissioned four 24,000 litre fuel tanks, disposed of the waste under the Craggs Environmental Waste Permit and installed two brand new bespoke 48,000 litre tanks. The UHW are extremely pleased with the result of the project, how it was conducted/managed and now have an oils storage facility which complies with regulations and is fit for the future.