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Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

In early 2017 Royal Shrewsbury Hospital requested that Craggs Environmental perform a tank farm and fuel sample analysis review.

The Problem

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital had an existing aged fuel storage facility which fed a combination of both emergency generators and heating applications. The structural integrity of the aged 250,000 litre tank was compromised and the fuel stored on site was out of specification due to high levels of water and contamination. In addition, there was no visibility of what was in each tank and if the fuel that was stored was fit for purpose.

The Solution

It was identified that a range of services would be required to ensure the fuel stored on site would meet the required specification. These services included a combination of – tank decommissioning – installation of a new tank, – fuel uplift and transfer – tank cleaning.

The Outcome

The out of specification fuel was uplifted from the large 250,000 litre tank which then was decommissioned. A new tank was installed to OFTEC and ISO standards. Other tanks received on site cleaning and a brand new Tank Telemetry System was installed to help monitor the fuel levels at any given time. In addition to this an ongoing fuel husbandry maintenance programme was agreed to give ongoing visibility of the quality of the stored fuel.

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