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Hogan Lovell’s

The Problem

Hogan Lovell’s is an international law firm that has headquarters in London and Washington D.C. As one of the leading law firms in the UK its key that there office is up and running working at its optimum when open. Hogan Lovell’s contacted Craggs Environmental regarding fuel testing this was to test fuel in there their underground tanks. Our team also had to overcome working in the center of London; we overcame this by working on a Friday night and all day Saturday to unsure that Hogan Lovell’s were not affected by us conducting work on their site.

Craggs Environmental were requested to test the fuel to check the quality and highlight any problems with it. On completion of the Craggs Environmental in-house laboratory test for water and particulates Hogan Lovell’s were advised the fuel was out of current specification (BS 2869 A2) and required maintenance to reduce the risk of causing generator failure. Hogan Lovell’s requested Craggs Environmental to complete fuel remediation on Tank 1 (29,000 litres) to bring the fuel back to specification.

The Solution

The company deployed one vehicle and operators to site and initially removed the sludge/water from the bottom of the tank using a reverse action pump before polishing the fuel using a single-pot filtration rig that was taken into the basement.  The single pot rig operates similar to a kidney dialysis machine in that the “fuel” is passed through multiple filters to remove both water and particulate (sludge). The filtration system reduces the particulate count down to 1 micron which is in line with refinery grade specification; this is confirmed by the equipment’s telemetry system printing out a report.

The Outcome

All of the fuel in Tank 1 was cleaned to a level which was within specification and this process has extended the life of the fuel and the tank (by removing the sludge/water from the base of the tank).If you store fuel for a critical application or have any concerns then please contact our team on 0808 1644570 or email

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